Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Meet Syreeta Thompson, Musician

Noted as one of the great instrumentalist and clinicians in the musical arena, Syreeta Thompson's musical gift proves to be both sincere and incomparable. The powerful trumpeter has managed to blaze the gospel industry circuit by sharing the stage with many of its greatest icons from the renowned Hezekiah Walker and LFT to the legendary Dorinda Clark-Cole.

For many, the musical experience of Syreeta Thompson is simply profound as she consistently delivers a stirring performance as an anointed minstrel each time she ministers. For the woman affectionately known as the Trumpet Lady, each opportunity is undeniably an opportunity "to infuse the gospel of Jesus of Christ to all mankind and to touch souls with the gift of music."

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1. When did you first start playing the trumpet, and how did you know it was the instrument for you?

My start in music began very early when I was nine years old. I actually started playing the clarinet and later switched to trumpet. My mother told me she wasn't going to buy me another instrument unless I took the trumpet to church lol! So, I had to PLAY EVERY Sunday in church! Lol!

2. How did you become known as "The Trumpet Lady"?

I used to carry my instrument on my back and there was gentleman in my church that used to speak to me as "Trumpet Lady." Also, while touring with Hezekiah Walker, everyone in the band had a name, and mine became "Trumpet Lady." I figure it was memorable, so I kept it.

3. Would you tell us a little bit more about how your music is a ministry?

My music is totally based on inspiring others to pursue their dreams. I'm the product of a single parent home, and I'm an inner city kid who beat the odds. My dad is deceased, so my mom wanted to keep me disciplined. So, I want others to know that you can overcome the odds of the stereotype.

4. How did you choose "Winner" for the title of your second album, and how have listeners been responding to it since its release a few months ago?

The Winner release is dedicated to help inspire and keep Arts Education in urban settings. It has a total of seven songs which feature The Love Fellowship Praise & Worship team & Dorinda Clark Cole. I also wanted to show my roots and technical side, which has the song church melody, and which has New Orleans and Churchy feel.

I've been so overwhelmed by the response. The Winner release has received rave reviews, and I’m thankful. Also, the body of work maintained its position on Billboard for eleven weeks consistently.

5. Do you have any plans and projects coming up in 2017 that you're especially looking forward to working on?

Yes, in July 2017, supporters and listeners can expect the Evolution of a Winner Hymns & Songs. I'm in the process as we speak, recording this body of work!

Thanks, Syreeta!

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