Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Meet Remso W. Martinez, Podcaster and Blogger

Remso W. Martinez is the host of the Remso Republic podcast, one of the fastest growing political podcasts online. He's a blogger, community organizer, and campaign consultant who describes himself as being passionate about capitalism and individual liberty. You can hear his podcasts on SoundCloud, read his blog posts by clicking here, and learn more about him by visiting

1. How did you first become interested in politics?

It was always part of my nature. I didn't understand why if ideas were good that they had to be enforced by violence. It was at that point I understood that government wasn't the solution to our problems as a country, and that individuals thriving could accomplish more than any politician.

2. What inspired you to start a podcast?

I was a blogger for about a year, but very few people like to read things anymore; they focus on the picture and title instead of the context. I understood the only way to educate people was through entertainment, since all politics is downstream of culture.

3. What sets the Remso Republic apart from other political podcasts?

We have a commentator industrial complex, a lot of people who are famous for nothing but being famous and offer no real insight. My time in the media and political arena gives me the insight and knowledge that makes me a credible figure in my field. I don't talk about things I don't know about, but give you the straight talk needed to give you the best opinion and insight out there.

4. How does your perspective as a campaign consultant and community organizer influence your blog entries and podcast episodes?

I'm not a journalist; I'm a pundit, which means I have an agenda and worldview that I want other people to understand. I'm advocating for open minds and open markets, and hope I can help change some minds.

5. Would you tell us about some of the topics you hope to cover in upcoming shows--and do you ever consider listener-submitted ideas?

I want to continue to cover current events, but I am always open to listener recommendations. If you join my private fan group, the Remso Republic Nation, on Facebook, you can talk directly to me and my show producer Ryan and give us input and recommendations. My fans help shape the direction of my show because if they aren't listening, having fun, or learning, I'm doing something wrong.

Thanks, Remso!

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