Saturday, June 4, 2016

Meet Tracey Pettis, Fantasy Portrait Photographer

Selfies and snapshots can’t capture the inner you.
 But your Fantasy Portrait can.

Tracey Pettis will help you step out of your daily life and into your authentic self by taking a fresh look at the inner you from a completely new perspective.

Every human being wants to be seen, wants to be loved, wants to be understood. Through Fantasy Portraits, you can uncover and experience your special beauty, creativity, and gifts. Learn more by visiting

1. What gave you the idea to create Fantasy Portraits?

I have been working in advertising for the past 20 years as a creative/art director. But I felt empty. I realized it was time to leave the world of advertising, feeling that companies were placing more importance on data, templates, and stock photography over the kind of creativity I was interested in.

I have always known I wanted to get back to one of my first loves, photography. But I wanted this version to be more than just creating pretty pictures. I wanted to bring the viewer into the process. I wanted to make the process more experience driven. Thus, Fantasy Portraits was born.

2. What's your process like in determining what an individual's Fantasy Portrait should look like?

We start by getting to know you through a discovery session. You share what you're comfortable sharing: your dreams, desires, hopes, aspirations. The object is for you to let go and explore.

Through this process, a concept will gel. Together, we'll fine-tune it, getting more excited about the portrait as we go.

3. Do you think the #nofilter Instagram selfie and other phone photography has changed how we define portraiture?

I think it's added to our choices immensely! We are changing all the time. Having that instant access to capture ourselves while immersed in an experience is a great advantage. And that's why I knew that Fantasy Portraits had to be something different than "just a portrait." It had to be an experience. As we say, "Selfies and snapshots can't capture the inner you. But your Fantasy Portrait can."

4. How can photos make positive changes in our lives?

So many ways! Our mission at Fantasy Portraits is to help women go deeper and learn how to connect with their inner beauty and deeper soul. Through getting to know and understand your spiritual self, your self-esteem and self-love increases.

A photographic image is a preservation tool. Your Fantasy Portrait becomes part of who you are at this stage of your life's journey.

5. What else would you like readers to know about you and your work as a photographer?

I think if you look at some of the Fantasy Portraits we've created, you'll see the attention to detail that you won't see in some of the other "fantasy" work out there. We put a lot of thought and heart into making each image special and unique, and not what you would expect.

If you'd like to explore creating your Fantasy Portrait, send an email to

Thanks, Tracey!

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