Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meet Daniel M Robinson, Author

Daniel M. Robinson is an Australian author. Now living in Bundamba, he was born in Sydney and grew up in Tweed Heads, graduating from Tweed River High School. Writing in a variety of genres, Daniel is best known for his science fiction, the genre toward which he has the strongest affinity. He was raised on Star Trek and Star Wars.

Daniel is a family man through and through, and he shares his home with his loving wife, their child, his two children from a previous marriage, and her two children from a previous marriage. Daniel owns two pets, a snake named Memphis and a Great Dane named Freya, who accompanies him everywhere he goes.

Learn more about Daniel on his author page on Facebook, and check out his latest book on Amazon.

1. I was intrigued by the description of your novel and wondered how you chose the year 2981 as the time when the novel is set?

I selected the year as I wanted to set the story towards the end of a troubled century. The 30th century in the Fatal Conflicts universe is, was, will be a very dark, dangerous time for humans and other beings. Also the notion that humans will evolve into better, more tolerant, loving, respectful etc. in the future has always bugged me. So I thought it'd be nice to see what we're like thousand years into the future. And frankly, I don't see humans changing too much from what we are now.

2. What is the most fun part of writing a novel for you--and what part is the most challenging?

The fun part? Hmmm...I don't know if I could say what a single fun part is. I love getting the plot worked out, then character development. Also, I find it intriguing to watch characters grow and become more than I first imagined them to be. Those are some of the most enjoyable parts for me, but the process of creating the story from start to finish is all really great fun.

The most challenging part? Editing, I find that the most challenging. I find it very difficult to allow someone else to make suggestions or want plot points changed, however small the request may be. I'm lucky since my publisher also edits my work and she doesn't get too uptight when I fight her ideas. However, I DO listen, think about it, and even if I don't like it but see that it works for the story, I don't protest and we work it out. Also it means she (editor) gets a victory now and then and I get to use that to keep other parts unchanged or unaltered.

3. What is your "day job," and how do you find time for writing?

I own a small movie/toy/collectable business. Finding time to write is always difficult with work and family life, but being a very early riser I find a couple of hours a day, at least, to write. Some days I get lucky and can have a half day were I escape and write.

4. Who are some of your fellow Australian writers whose work you admire?

Pat Ritter is a wonderful Australian author and a complete gentleman. When I was getting started as an author, Pat helped me out a lot. He put me in touch with a few people and I've always appreciated that. I very much enjoy Australiana stories and Pat has several great short books that I just love to read.

Another Australian author that I would have to acknowledge that I admire is my grandmother. I remember reading Elephant in the Kitchen, a book she wrote, and loved it. I think she is where I get my story telling/writing talent from.

5. Are you currently at work on any writing projects?

Yes. I'm in the process of writing Fatal Conflicts 4, while also plotting out two other stories. I always stay busy with writing something new and I love it.

Thanks, Daniel!

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