Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meet Cathy Berger, Development Director for Queens Chamber of Commerce

Since March of 2014, Cathy Berger has been the Development Director for the Queens Chamber of Commerce. She has worked to encourage new businesses to join the Chamber and to help make sure that existing Chamber members are making the most of their memberships. She describes her position in part as working to advance the visibility of each member through the connections this prominent affiliation has developed over the last 100+ years.

Cathy also shares her expertise in business and networking through her Queens Today blog at

1. How did you first become involved with the Queens Chamber of Commerce?

One October morning back in 2013, I decided to visit a Queens Chamber of Commerce / HBA networking event. At that time as a business owner, I was instantly impressed with the people in attendance. They were true professionals, dead serious about getting to meet new people. Right on the spot I joined my company to the Chamber.

2. What do you like most about your job with the Chamber?

I love that NO day is the same, because I am always speaking to different types of businesses. I work in a wonderful environment--my coworkers are terrific. They encourage me to excel, which is very important to me. I believe that if you are genuinely supported by your team, this goes a long way to going above and beyond at work, no matter what position you hold.

3. How do you personally define effective networking?

Just attending an event and chit-chatting there is not sufficient to network. Your objective is to emerge from networking with one (or more) goals than when you went in. If there isn't a good fit between your goals of being there and the person you are talking to, don't change the topic from business to the weather, sports, the food, etc. Move on. It's lovely to meet new people, but if you are looking to connect with certain people and their needs, seek them out.

4. What are some of your tips for business people looking to make more connections in their community?

To make a definitive mark in your community, give thought to when you last felt your heart truly soar. If for example, seeing a young child achieve his/her goal gives you goosebumps, then point part of your business or career path toward helping the young students (or schools) in some way. Your true passion will easily translate to wonderful community benefits. Enlist help from your team to gain maximum support.

5. What projects are you looking forward to over the next months?

I just started a blog, and through it, I hope to connect to more companies. When I do, I can guide their business development by facilitating referrals to them, as well as sharing stellar networking techniques.

I have been getting great feedback from readers, and it is becoming a community of knowledge. I hope to continue growing it!!

Thanks, Cathy!

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