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Meet Donna Riner Weber, Author

Donna Riner Weber is the author of Scrapbook Your Christian Faith. A series of events and experiences--including chronic illness, early retirement, and her pleasure in becoming a grandmother--inspired her to reexamine her life, and she began writing stories of her faith to her family and friends. Learn more about Donna and her work by visiting

1. What is "faithbooking," and how did you first learn about this practice?

"Faithbooking" is the art of creating a scrapbook about your Faith. The "Faithbook" is your scrapbook with scriptures, pictures, prayers, and stories about God's presence in your life.

Several years ago due to chronic illness and daily pain, I had to stop my teaching career. I had been in the education field for 18 years, and it was a shock to my system, when the doctors told me I would not be able to return to work.

I believe that God has a special plan for you and me and each one of us. The Bible tells us, "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil to give you a future and a hope." Jer. 29:11 (TLB)

I didn't understand.

"But God, what is your plan for me? I thought it was to teach my middle school students." I cried. I prayed. I wrestled with what God wanted me to do. I knew it wasn't to lie around on the sofa watching TV and waiting for Him to call me home to Heaven one day.

I felt God was whispering in my heart to write stories of how He's been faithful to me and my family. So I started jotting down notes and throwing them into files.

2. What motivated you to write Scrapbook Your Christian Faith?

Around the same time that I was starting to jot down those notes, my cousin (Nora) came to visit our family. She brought her scrapbook. While I was amazed at her beautiful layouts, I knew I could not do anything like that because I have never been an artistic.

But the seed had been planted and I was interested. I attended several 101 level scrapbook classes at local craft stores.

After I created a few pages, I felt that something was missing. It was my Faith. It's a huge part of my life and I wanted evidence of my Faith to be on the pages I leave for my family and future generations.

But how could I combine Faith and Scrapbooking?

I tried to find a book to help me. At that time, there were lots of books on scrapbooking techniques but only a few on the "Faithbook" aspect.

So I set out to write the book I needed as a beginner in Faithbooking. I entitled it: Scrapbook Your Christian Faith--the Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy.

3. I like that you say that you don't have to be artistic to create a meaningful scrapbook. How has scrapbooking become a creative outlet in your life?

As I continued to take scrapbooking classes, I found more and more fun tools were being created which meant even a non-artistic person like me could create a scrapbook layout.

I did not understand the techniques, tools, or even the language--but I was thoroughly enjoying the creative process and wanted other people to feel they could start participating in Faithbooking as well. In writing Scrapbook Your Christian Faith, it was important to me that everyone who wanted to leave their spiritual legacy could understand the basics to get started.

4. Would you tell us a little more about your ebook? Does it contain photos and visual tutorials as well as text?

Inside this guide, the reader will:

  • Discover which scrapbook tools and supplies you need to get started
  • Know how to tell which scrapbook supplies are safe
  • Find out what's really in Faithbooking for you and your loved ones
  • Discover the differences in adhesives, albums and cutting tools
  • Find out which types of scrapbook papers are best
  • See examples of layouts
  • Understand basic terminology

Bonus Lessons include

  • Step-by-step lessons on how to do matting
  • Step-by-step lessons on paper piecing
  • Instructions and resources for creating your titles

Readers can learn more about the book by visiting

Thanks, Donna!

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