Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Meet Patricia May, Author

Patricia May has written a series of ten books called A Seashell Meditation for Children. The books gently teach children about meditating, using a short story rhyme in the form of a guided meditation. Patricia holds a teacher's meditation certification from the Spiritual Center for Positive Living in Cameron Park, CA. Learn more about her at

1. What inspired you to focus on the seashell motif in your books about mediation for children?

After attending a davidji workshow in Denver, coming to realize just how important it was to get children to meditate as early as possible, my husband came up with the idea of using seashells to add fun, focus, and concentration to a child's meditation. It was just a short time later that I was inspired to create this ten-book collection using the seashells and short story rhymes to introduce meditation to children in a whole new and exciting way.

2. How was it that you conceptualized your books as a series all at once, rather than individual book ideas coming to you piecemeal?

When the idea hit me, I knew in a moment's time that I would write a ten-book collection to be released all at the same time. The collection all contains a short breathing exercise in the beginning and the end of the books, with the short story rhyme in between. The child holds the seashell up to their ear, while the story is being read to them. There is a QR code on the back of each book, and when scanned with a smart phone or device, background music is played.

3. How did you know that Hay House / Balboa Press was the press for you?

I have followed and loved Hay House for decades. My books were a perfect fit for this publishing company.

4. What interested you about self-publishing?

The self-publishing route was really the only one for me. For a first time author, I knew I wanted this collection out as soon as possible, under the Hay House name.

5. What projects do you plan to take on in the new year, 2016?

I plan on introducing this collection in as many places as possible in this coming year. I plan to do as many radio shows, podcasts, book signings, and readings that I can. I would like to see the books in not only book stores, but children's pediatric offices, schools, early education programs, and other places I see that can benefit children in many ways. There are so many benefits meditation can offer for children. Starting young gets them into an early practice that can be extremely beneficial throughout their lifetime.

Thanks, Patricia!

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