Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Meet Leonardo Pacheco, Intuitive Psychic Reader

Leonardo Pacheco has been one of the world's most highly respected and sought after intuitive psychic readers for over 25 years. He was born with an intuitive gift and shares this wonderful gift with others. He is described by people as intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and very down to earth. He provides those that he counsels with a combination of insight and knowledge to make it a seamless and fulfilling experience.

Visit him online at Below is a video testimonial from one of the people who has worked with him.

1. How did you first know that you had intuitive abilities?

I first realized that I had intuitive abilities when I was 12 years old. My cousins were planning a fishing trip one night, and I saw a vision of them on the boat and the boat tipping over and they drowned. I went to my mother and father and told them what I had seen and not to let my cousins go fishing. Being 12 years old nobody believed what I had said. Later that evening, my cousins did indeed go fishing and none ever returned as they had drowned in the ocean.

2. Over the years, have your abilities become stronger and/or more refined?

Yes, over the years, I have found that I have become better able to focus my abilities and hone in on what message is for the person I am giving the reading to. When you have a real psychic gift, it is very difficult to control. There are many times when I am out in public and sense things or get messages that are for the people standing around or brushing up against me. It makes it difficult for me because if I am standing next to someone and can see that they have an illness, have been abused, or a loved one that has passed on is trying to contact them, I can't say anything to them--it can be overwhelming at times. So, over the years, I have trained myself to try to only pay attention to these messages for the people that come to me for help.

3. Would you tell us a little bit about the meetings/sessions that you hold via video calling?

I do Skype video calls so that people that are not local to Toronto can still have access to me for help. On these types of calls, I ask them not to tell me anything about themselves and to simply let me tell them what I see and any messages that are being sent to me for them. This way, they can see that I am real, and it reassures them that what I am telling them is true because there is literally no other way for me to know it. A lot of times with fake psychics, they ask questions to gather information upfront to help with their readings. Someone with a real psychic gift does not need to probe people to be able to give them answers to their questions.

4. How do people generally implement the guidance you give them into their daily lives?

Most people that see me take my guidance and advice very seriously. I am not the person you want to see if you are looking for entertainment. I am the person you want to see if you need help and have questions you want answered. I can help you to see what is coming in your life, and if you want to change it, I can give you the guidance and tools needed to steer your life on the path you want it to go on.

5. What do you think is preventing people from being happy--and what can they do to become open to more happiness?

Not knowing the truth can prevent people from being happy. Many people wonder about things or have questions, and it can eat away at them--they need to seek out answers to the questions they have to put their mind at ease and get guidance.

It's important for those that come to me for help to know that I will not sugar-coat anything. I will tell them what I see, and it is up to them what they do with that information.

Thanks, Leonardo!

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