Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Meet Michael Hazani, Musician

Michael Hazani of the musical project Qualia has a new EP called Triptych just released on 9/15/15. The music is cinematic alt pop somewhere between Autre Ne Veut, Hans Zimmer and CHVRCHES. Qualia's previous release got great reviews and was featured on VICE's the Creator's Project among other blogs. Last year it also won the JSLC/Innovators in Music award.

Find Qualia's new EP on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, SoundCloud, and BandCamp. You can also follow Qualia on Instagram.

1. How did Qualia get started?

Qualia started around May of 2014 as a passion side project; I was writing for-pitch for film & TV spots--as well as collaborating with other singers and writers--and everything had to be custom-made to fit something or someone else. I ended up channeling the frustration into this project, made for myself, based on what I liked. Thankfully, since then this project has found its audience and the music seems to resonate with many others, which I'm truly grateful for.

2. When composing a song, what helps you create the specific sound you have in mind?

While the end result tends to be fairly structured, the beginnings are anything but--anything can spark up an idea, and the arrangement usually unveils itself pretty early on. Sometimes it feels like there's only one ideal way to express a particular melody or song, although of course that's never really the case. But it's a helpful road map to start with.

3. Would you tell us a little more about your new EP release?

This EP is called Triptych and was just released on 9/15. It features 3 songs that aren't linked in any thematic way--they're just the best ones I've written in a long while. It will be accompanied by two videos, and I'll be touring with it throughout the fall.

4. What influence do you feel that living in Seattle has had on your music?

I actually finished work on those songs while still in New York, before moving to Seattle earlier this year. But so far I've noticed it's a really eclectic live scene--also, being a winter person, I love the weather in Pacific Northwest, the very different feel it has. Just last week I made my girlfriend Douglas Fir Sorbet... turning trees into ice cream! That would have never happened back east but seems very appropriate here. And things like different weather and ambiance most certainly influence the music I write.

5. What are your plans over the next year--do you have some shows lined up, are you writing more music, etc?

There are many show dates currently being finalized in and around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest; check the website for actual times. I want to make it to the East Coast by next spring and play some shows there--I miss the vibe! And more music is always happening, but more good music--that's a rare commodity. If it's good, it'll find its way to the world!

Thanks, Michael!

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