Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Meet Guy Rogue, Founder of Male Review

Guy Rogue is the guy (no pun intended) behind Male Review. He has the aim to take on all Australia, providing hens and girls nights services to any location in Australia so no girl is left missing out! He is always taking on new guys that are in shape so that there is always a guy available ready to entertain or waiter at any event, any time!

1. How did Male Review first get started?

I actually started working with other agencies for close to a year as a topless waiter. I thought the money was ok, but when I found out that we are actually only getting a tiny percentage of the figures, I was pretty dumbfounded. So I thought I would start my own biz and give most of the earnings back to the guys as they deserve.

2. Do most people hear about your company online, or do a lot of your bookings come from word of mouth?

At the moment it is all online. We are in the process of trying or organise shows, similar to what you saw in the Magic Mike movie, but our men are better!

3. I'm sure looks are very important, but what other qualities are important in making hiring decisions for Male Review?

Looks are important, but we are looking for guys that are really in shape rather than just attractive. Also, if a guy wants to strip for Male Review, he obviously needs to know how pull off the moves and not be shy! They also need to be very respectful when they speak to the girls, and charming, too--this also applies to our male topless waiters.

4. For women who haven't hired a stripper or topless waiter before and are feeling a bit nervous perhaps, what's your advice?

That's only normal to be a bit nervous--I mean look at the guys! Our Male Review strippers do not have to do a full monty: it is really up to the girls as it is their night, so they are in charge! Also, our Male Review topless waiters are harmless, just an ordinary guy that brings you drinks on demand, with a good body, without a shirt on, and very charming hehe.

5. When it comes to party planning, what kind of venue is best for a performance--and what else should a party planner keep in mind to make sure that her party is a success?

Anywhere! Our guys can perform strip shows and waiter anywhere, as long as it is not in the freezing cold as I am sure you can probably guess why. However, there are a few tips on how to make the most out of your party which we will be blogging about soon. So be sure to always check out our website and follow our social pages such as Facebook. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via the website.

Thanks, Guy!

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