Friday, September 18, 2015

Meet Dave K. of and

Dave K. is the founder of a company that buys and sells viral social media accounts. Learn more about how to buy or sell accounts by visiting and

1. How did your company get started?

I started in 2010; back then the company was called FanPageCash. The website was built for my needs only, and it was never intended to be used commercially. I wanted to purchase Facebook fan pages to boost traffic to my websites, and in order to do so, I needed to raise legitimacy. The website provided just that, and was basically used as my online business card / portfolio. Even though the website was finished and I used it a few times, I had abandoned the project and moved onto different things. The website just sat there, collecting dust for nearly a year. Two months before the domain was set to expire, I noticed that people had actually started to visit the site, as I was getting new emails from willing fan page sellers. I decided to capitalize on this, and since then I've been buying and selling viral social media properties.

2. What are some reasons why people want to buy or sell social media accounts?

Well, people sell for obvious reasons, and the main one is money. Most viral account owners became popular out of pure luck. Usually a single funny image or video (and a bit of luck) is enough for a social property to become viral. The buyers, on the other hand, are mostly website owners who are looking to boost traffic on their websites. Social properties are the most cost-effective way of doing so (compared to paid ads). Typically, a website owner will purchase such a property and post relevant content to engage the fan base. In return, the fans/followers flock to the owner's website, and the owner reaps the benefits of extra ad revenue.

3. If an account was popular at one time but has been dormant for a while, what are some ways you've seen that buyers generate new interest in an old account?

This is really a hit or miss. There is no way of telling if a dormant account can be brought back to life, and on top of everything else, it is very difficult to revive one. One of the methods that works from time to time is to use a different, already active account to boost the popularity of the inactive one by shoutouts / retweeting or cross-sharing content.

4. What makes an account attractive to potential buyers?

Unlike paid ads where a business has to pay for every click or view, established social properties are a one-time investment. After the initial purchase, the buyer can advertise on it indefinitely, providing that he does it in a non-intrusive way. Over-spamming a viral property with irrelevant products will most likely kill the activity, thus ruining the buyer's investment. I always encourage posting quality content that complies with the social platform policies.

5. Are there any guidelines or terms of service that potential sellers should know about being asking you about selling an account?

There are too many to list. We go through extensive background checks, and not all properties qualify. Everything a seller needs to know can be found in our basic seller rules located here:

Thanks, Dave!

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