Monday, September 7, 2015

A Site for Rentals in Split Croatia

Have you ever thought about traveling to Split, Croatia? It's the second-largest city in Croatia, and it's in a beautiful location on the Adriatic Sea. It's a picturesque location with a coastal mountain range, and it's a convenient place to stay if you're going to visit nearby islands, too. The city has a combination of old, historic locations and newer and renovated buildings.

If you're wanting to browse places to stay in Split, check out You can find a variety of houses (villas), hotels, and apartments that are available to rent. The listing for each property gives you a lot of relevant information about amenities, location, and more.

Split is a popular vacation destination because of its well-preserved natural setting and mild, sunny climate. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a clean, turquoise sea? Plus, if you are interested in history, you'll find a lot of attractions to visit, such as Roman ruins and archaeological areas.

In addition to providing information on rentals, also gives lots of useful details about Split such as what parts of the city are best to stay in, what times of year are best to visit, what events occur in the city during different months, what restaurants are best, and what the must-see sights are. The site also gives a list of the city's best beaches.

I always like to check out several different websites before I visit a new city, and is a good starting point to get ideas about the different types of accommodations in Split as well as the different things to do if you decide to visit.

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