Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Meet Brooke Clifton, Founder of Illuminate Quotes

Brooke Clifton is currently studying web design and wanted to practice her online skills and thought what better way than starting her own e-commerce site. Through Illuminate Quotes, she works with an amazing hand-letterer to produce inspirational quotes that look great in a home office or can be a unique gift. In researching the market, she found that there were a lot of quotes available for sale, but none that would look great in a home, so she decided to design her own range. Keep up with Brooke and Illuminate Quotes on Instagram, and on her website,

1. What gave you the concept for your shop, Illuminate?

They say even the most successful people need a little inspiration to keep them on track, driving them towards their goals. Illuminate aims to provide that beautifully designed spark to inspire others to live life in a more purposeful way.

Experimenting with hand-lettering techniques, I fell in love not only with the simplicity and stunning design, but also with the way that no two letters are the same, which gives it that unique touch.

In furnishing my home after renovating it, I found a real gap in the market for this type of design. Starting Illuminate allowed me to create meaningful pieces to reflect my space and inspire me every day!

2. When I saw the name of your shop, a couple of meanings of the name came to mind--one being the illuminating nature of the quotes, and the other being hand-drawn illuminated manuscripts of olden days. What does the name of your shop mean to you?

To illuminate means to "light up," which captures the essence of the brand, that is, lighting up and inspiring individuals to be more creative, successful, and happy! I love that it also reflects a bit of history and can mean different things to different people.

3. How do you choose the quotes to feature?

I'm constantly blown away by those who achieve great success in their work, especially in creative businesses. My current collection has been created with the entrepreneur or successful go-getter in mind, aiming to motivate them to do their best work and not give up.

4. Do you have plans to expand to other products in addition to prints?

Absolutely! I am working on a collection of greeting cards at the moment. I am also developing the next collection of prints which will be in the same black and white simple style, with the subject of the quotes being something that is both playful and inspiring! Stay tuned!

5. Based on your experience so far, what's your advice for others with an interest in starting their own online store?

Get started as soon as possible, and experiment with different ideas until something feels right! Get to know your target audience inside and out, and look for gaps in the market that you can fill.

Starting an online store requires a good knowledge of web design that focuses on the customer experience as well as SEO and a targeted marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, trust your gut, deliver an outstanding product or service, and you can't go wrong!

Thanks, Brooke!

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