Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Introducing Guardia, a Security and Private Investigations Company

Guardia is a full-service security and private investigations company offering services Australia-wide and sometimes involved in international projects. Since opening in 2002, due to the niche of the business and great quality services, Guardia has expanded rapidly, servicing all sorts of clients and VIPs for all types of matters.

1. What are some of the most common services that Guardia provides?

Guardia specialises in a range of highly professional skilled services such as private investigations, personal bodyguards, VIPs escorts, and even international security.

2. I think that a lot of people imagine individuals hiring private detectives, but would you tell us more about the commercial work you do in investigating white collar crimes?

White collar crime is a very serious issue. The multi-million dollar price tags attached to some economic crimes are so staggering I don't even know where to begin! There are so many different issues that arise in these areas; however, we do have professionals that can carry out a wide range of services such as workplace theft, frauds, intellectual property theft, commercial espionage, insurance investigations, and much more.

3. What should someone look for to make sure they are hiring the best private investigator for either a personal or business matter?

Guardia is a member of the Australia Security Industry which only recognizes companies that are at the highest level of security professionalism. We also offer international services for some of the biggest organizations. Due to our policy of protecting our clients' privacy, we cannot really discuss the details.

4. In addition to your work in Australia, what sorts of jobs does Guardia handle internationally?

As mentioned just now, we cannot get into too much detail. However, we have provided a range of services such as transporting high amounts of cash security with the assistance of our highly trained and armed guards. We have also been involved with escorting some of the world's most important people safely without any breaches.

5. What is a good rule of thumb for knowing when to hire private investigation or security services, and when to call the police or other authorities?

A lot of innocent people and organizations never get the justice they deserve due to lack of evidence provided to the higher authorities. Before getting authorities involved, it is important to have professional and documented evidence, which is what we can provide for you. This is one of the many services we can provide at Guardia.


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