Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Introducing Younique Mascara

Have you ever wanted to find a mascara that makes your lashes longer and fuller? Younique Make-Up has created a mascara that is a fiber and gel combo, and it's designed to help your lashes become more full and long.

Younique sells a lot of different cosmetic and skin care products, and their Moodstruck 3D Fiber mascara is their number one selling product. They are also known for products that are designed with science and nature in mind so that they are specially made to nourish your skin.

The nice thing about their mascara is that it's very easy to apply, though it feels a bit different than other mascaras because you apply it in gel form. Basically it is a simple, two-step application process, and you can learn more about applying the mascara as well as some other tips for use by visiting this Younique Mascara page.

This product is currently available for just under $30, and you can only buy it from independent Younique presenters, so check out the links above for more info and to purchase it if you wish!

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