Sunday, May 3, 2015

Meet Tricia Bailey, Author

Tricia Bailey recently published her first novella, Midnight Robber. Find it on Amazon Kindle by clicking here. And keep up with Tricia's latest work by visiting her Amazon author page.

1. What gave you the idea for Midnight Robber?

Love comes like a thief in the night!

2. In your opinion as an author and a reader, what are some elements that make for an enjoyable read when it comes to romance writing?

When I read romance stories or novels, I like the words to speak to me in depth. As a writer, I try to make my reader feel the same as I want to feel as a reader.

3. Why did you decide to self-publish your first book, and how long did the process take you?

I always heard that traditional publishing is a longer route and that it takes a lot of time. So that's how I decided to go ahead and self-publish my book instead. It took me two weeks in total to publish.

4. What are you currently working on?

I am currently trying to work on writing a sequel to Midnight Robber, and I have some other ideas for another book at hand.

5. How do you balance your day job with finding time to work on your writing?

At first, I must say it was hard, but then I realized that my best times to write were late at night about after 11pm-2am when my body and mind were at peace. Then the ideas and writing began to flow.

Thanks, Tricia!

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