Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Introducing Ateaz Organic Coffee & Tea

Over the last few years, I've shifted more and more into organic foods, and beverages are no exception. If you likewise are a fan of organic coffee and tea, check out a company called Ateaz. Based in New York, Ateaz operates an online boutique selling artisan organic coffee and tea blends.

Ateaz offers a variety of blends and flavors of tea. Browsing the site, I'd say there's something for every taste. For example, there are lots of loose teas, from black tea to chai tea to dessert tea to detox tea. You can order the loose teas in sample zip pouches that give you enough tea to make five to seven cups and try the tea before ordering in larger amounts. And the site also has lots of tea accessories for sale, such as infusers and teapots.

As for organic coffee, you can find all manner of roasts, from light to dark. And there are decaf as well as caffeinated blends. When I visited the site, the featured coffee was an Organic Ethiopian Yergacheffee (Medium Dark Roast); this coffee was described on the site as peppery and zesty. You can get more of an idea about each roast by reading the individual descriptions on the site, as well as customer reviews that have been posted.

Another great fact about Ateaz is that they offer free shipping on any order, anywhere in the United States. Learn more at It's definitely an affordable place to check out some organic beverages, and you may find a new favorite or two.

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