Sunday, May 31, 2015

Introducing Ted's Woodworking Plans

If you're into woodworking, maybe you've already heard of Ted McGrath, the creator of Ted's Woodworking Plans. He's a professional woodworker, and he has undertaken a great project to make woodworking plans available in an easy to use and affordable package for home woodworkers at all levels--from beginning to advanced--to use.

There are several really cool features about Ted's Woodworking Plans. One is that the plans contain a wide range of projects, from building small pieces of furniture to doing work on your house. Another is that when you order Ted's product, you not only get the plans, but you also get access to helpful how-to videos and other educational materials. Finally, it's great that with these plans, you can download and access them right away--you don't have to wait for a book or CD or anything to arrive. And you can access your package from anywhere; a lot of people like to download the plans onto a tablet so that you can easily carry them with you as you work on your projects.

With Ted's package, you get access to over 16,000 plans. That's way more than you could find in one book--or even ten books. It's a comprehensive and detailed product for sure. You also get tutorials on all the relevant woodworking techniques you'll need to try the different plans out for yourself.

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