Thursday, May 28, 2015

Introducing Israel Figa of 24/7 Business

Israel Figa is a young businessperson who is currently heading up a firm called 24/7 Business. He has spent a lot of his life training himself for success--for example, he speaks several world languages including English, Iranian, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Because his business involves worldwide trade (shipping and delivery), it's a great help that in addition to his linguistic skills, Figa himself comes from a diverse background. His parents have helped him a lot in becoming a confident participant in the global economy.

Figa's company was started just five years ago but is finding a good international foothold. Based on the east coast of the US, he works with other companies all over the world and has branch offices in England, Ireland, and elsewhere in Europe.

As the CEO of a large worldwide trade company, Figa is surely someone we will be hearing more about in the years go come.

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