Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Introducing EmploTime, A Time and Attendance System for Small Business

Do you run a small business and want an easy, affordable way to monitor your employees' time and attendance? EmploTime has developed a web-based system with the needs of small businesses in mind. EmploTime's web application costs just four dollars per employee per year, much less than many attendance-keeping alternatives.

The system consists of two basic parts: the EmploTime clock and the administrator portal. The first part, the clock, is where the employees report their arrival and leave times. This page can be set to be used from any PC, tablet, or mobile device. The administrator decides from which computers the employees may clock in and out--and you can set unlimited time clocks. This flexibility is very useful if you have employees clocking in from multiple locations, such as employees who telecommute.

The second part is the administrator portal itself. The administrator needs to log in to this portal to complete tasks such as adding employees, viewing and modifying employees' working hours, and printing and exporting reports.

If you'd like to get a better idea of how the EmploTime system works, you can check the functionality of these pages through the demo application. Click here to check out the demo clock. And click here to check out all main features.

It's great to find companies who create functional, easy to use products that meet the needs of smaller businesses. I especially like that this product is web-based and can be launched from multiple computers/devices.

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