Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Meet S.R. Remus, Author

S.R. Remus is an aspiring sci-fi/fantasy author, who also happens to dabble in poetry. He is signed to Double Dragon Publishing out of Canada, and his first novel, The Time Outlaw, will debut in 2016. Learn more about S.R. Remus and his work by visiting his website as well as his Facebook page.

1. How did you first become interested in writing fantasy/sci-fi?

I first became interested in writing sci-fi/fantasy, basically out of similar interests outside of writing. I am a big comic con, video game, Star Trek, and Star Wars fan. I love the Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones--these things which have huge fan followings into the realm of geekdom possessed me. They are my inspiration to the genre. I can remember back to when I was a freshman in high school (I'm 30 now for perspective) and I was content rocking my GameBoy Pocket and Pokemon Blue. A lot of my drive to need to break into the genre just comes from what I'm interested in.

2. What inspired you to write The Time Outlaw?

I had to write The Time Outlaw. Sometimes writers will say they just became obsessed with something, some story they need to tell. I knew what I was writing was different than a lot of the other dystopian novels, teen fiction books that are being pushed into the market. I let some samples of my chapters leak to people I know like to read, and they really pushed me forward. Ultimately, someone told me I should do it, because I had always wanted to write a novel.

3. Would you tell us a little more about the arc of your intended three-book series?

The Time Outlaw trilogy is centered on Jensen James, a gunslinging, time traveling, reality-bending protagonist. Jensen bounces around time, fighting against the evil Latentech Corporation, falling in love, and of course, being his gunslinging badass self. You will get a sense that the series has a lot of little guy vs big business conflicts throughout the stories.

4. Why did you choose Double Dragon Publishing for your first novel?

I basically chose Double Dragon because of their body of work in the ebook/print on demand industry as well as solely focusing on my specific genre; I felt that was the best option. I also chose them because they chose me first. I submitted so many manuscripts to agents and agencies, and then just waited. Double Dragon beat everyone out in getting back to me.

5. How would you summarize your overall goals or interests as a writer?

Well, I wish I could sit here and say I had any outstanding goals for world domination, endless riches, and enslaving the human race through my writing, but I'm just here to write, tell some stories, maybe have people build statues of me if they want. All in all, I just want us all to have an enjoyable time.

Thanks, S.R.!

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