Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Meet Kiran Karidi, Founder of iKare Cafe

iKare Cafe is a new social networking site which encourages positivity and happiness. Users are encouraged to post about happy moments in their lives and to make a difference by sharing positive feelings and experiences with others. The site also donates 60% of their ad revenue to charity. Learn more about iKare Cafe in the video below.

1. What inspired you to start iKare Cafe?

Social networking sites are very powerful tools and if properly utilized, can do wonders for the world. But the current social networking sites are more used for entertainment and information sharing. These sites have mixed content, both positive and negative. I see that negative content spreads more rapidly than positive content. I always wondered why we couldn't have a dedicated social networking site just for positivity and happiness. I am happy it became a reality now with iKare Cafe.

2. How is iKare Cafe similar to other social networking sites--and how is it different?

The core functionality of iKare Café is similar to other popular social networking sites, but the motive behind it is very different. Other social networking sites make the founders rich, but my site brings invaluable hope into the lives of numerous people around the world, and the best thing is that the members of my site are making this happen. Also, the positive content will bring a positive outlook towards life to many people.

3. Could you give us some examples of the types of positive content that you encourage people to publish on the site?

We encourage posting any content big or small which can induce positive vibes, make someone smile, spread happiness, and share happy moments of life. We enjoy it when people take time to thank someone for doing charity work, challenge someone to surpass past contributions, and share content which can provide inspiration and encourage a pay-it-forward mindset. We want a balance of entertainment and inspiration for our users.

4. How do you see the site evolving over the next year or so?

Nowadays, I see lot of people who aren't happy with the current generation of social networking sites because there's too much information, and it is very hard to separate which information is good or bad for oneself and others. We have already been seeing a lot of positive response from the community, and I see it could give tough competition to other sites over the next couple of years. But we are not competing with anyone as our only motive is paying back to the community, and our site is just a medium for that. We have lots of features on our site already like posting photos, videos, polls, blogs, forums, etc. Over the next year we will release a lot of updates for our community to realize our dream through our members' eyes.

5. Do you think that changing our mindset to focus more on the positive can change our own lives?

Yes, having a positive attitude can really change the world, and it is a proven fact around the world that positive thinking and actions can lead to important changes. A ripple effect can be generated with positivity, and we can make the world a happy and better place to live.

Thanks, Kiran!

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