Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Introducing Booqla, A Versatile Self Publishing Tool

I've been interested in self-publishing for many years and have explored lots of different avenues, from handmade zines and books to ebooks and print on demand. When it comes to print on demand and ebook publishing, there are a lot of different ways to proceed. For example, you can hire a book designer for some or all of your publishing process. You can also utilize different software programs to design and format your book.

While I do know people who are talented in both writing books and completing the layout and publishing related tasks, many of us who want to write and publish aren't so comfortable in the design department. I've tried a number of different tutorials and software programs meant to simplify the process of formatting books for print or ebook downloads, and I've found some ways to complete my DIY publishing projects, but I have to admit that it's not exactly a simple process!

Enter Booqla. Booqla is a web-based, self-publishing tool which allows authors to import their manuscript in Word and instantaneously convert it to Epub format as well as Amazon's Mobi format. It also creates a print-ready PDF which can be edited to fit special requirements of printing companies (such as print on demand publishers).

The idea of Booqla is to limit the amount of steps an author has to take to publish their book, thus saving time and money compared to the price of hiring out the work of having your book formatted. Let's face it, there wouldn't be such a big market for self-publishing services for authors if everyone found it easy; Booqla fills a need in the marketplace by creating an easier to use DIY option.

Even better, Booqla stores your manuscript in their system to make it easy to edit it if you find changes that you want to make (this always happens to me, and then I have to go through different versions of my manuscript files on my computer).

Booqla also makes selling your book easier through an affiliate sales system. They have a "Minimart" which allows you to set up as many small webshops as you want, place them on any website or social media outlet you want, and use this tool to sell your books. You can easily create a share a small button to sell your books in all sorts of places, such as discussion forums on topics relevant to your book.

Developed in Sweden, Booqla is available in Europe, the Middle East, and the US. Learn more at

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