Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How Can Radio Benefit You?

If you are a music artist, how do you get your work out to listeners? I've seen a lot of stories about artists who've hit it big via YouTube, but we can't forget the importance of radio. A lot of people listen to radio every day, and it continues to be a great way to get your work out there.

Radio is still a primary tool for breaking music to the mainstream audience. The biggest acts, even those in electronic music, push cross-over records to the radio in order to reach the charts because chart notations are the true drivers of record sales. Also, internet radio & FM radio pay royalties to artists for a bit of extra income.

But how do you get your music on the radio? One way is to get the help of experts who have experience in working with artists to push their work to the next level of exposure. Swerrrdmedia is one such group of experts dedicated to helping independent musicians.

Swerrrdmedia offers radio promotion & radio airplay to independent and major artists on FM (Mediabase & BDS Monitoring), Sirius Satellite, College, Yahoo, MTV, Music Choice, On Demand, VH1, Shoutcast, Pandora, Europe, BBC, UK, Canada, Russia, Australia, and China Radio. Their team networks with Program Directors, Station Managers, DJs, and radio affiliates to achieve national radio airplay, radio promotion, charting, interviews, publishing, label contracts, world tours, and exposure. In addition, they add each track for digital accessibility and review by thousands of radio stations, DJs, music supervisors, music producers, and publications in over 60 countries.

The company has made a reputation out of customer service, and you can learn more by calling them directly at 631-704-5749 or visiting

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