Friday, March 6, 2015

Introducing INRTracker, a Tool for People Who Take Warfarin

Do you or does someone close to you take Warfarin (Coumadin)? It's a very commonly prescribed blood-thinner. Personally, I've had more than one relative who has been on this medication, and it's one of those meds where you have to keep on top of your follow-up appointments for blood draws to make sure that you have the correct level of medication in your body.

INRTracker is personal health management tool for people who take Warfarin, and the name of the tool comes from the INR Test that patients get to check their level of Warfarin. INRTracker is a free web app that lets you enter your personal health data and generate reports to keep track of your medication level and try to figure out why you might be having any fluctuations in your drug therapy. You can use the app to enter lots of data that factors into your health, such as what you eat and what your blood pressure is.

INRTracker was co-founded by someone who is on Warfarin therapy for a genetic blood clotting disorder (Veronica), and someone who learned code specifically to build the website (Pavan). Oh, and they are also a couple. :) In other words, the site is brought to you by people who care about people who need to take Warfarin.

In addition to their app, Veronica and Pavan share other resources useful to patients. For example, check out their Warfarin diet guide. And check out this article about blood clot symptoms in the leg.

This screenshot also gives you a good idea of the app.

I think this is definitely a resource worth exploring if you are managing Warfarin therapy!

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