Sunday, January 25, 2015

Introducing the Singapore Airshow

If you're interested in the aerospace and defense market, I'm sure you keep an eye on upcoming international air shows, such as the Singapore Airshow. This event happens every two years, and the next show is scheduled to be held in February 2016, from the 16th through the 21st.

The Singapore Airshow includes two conferences, the Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit and the Asia Pacific Security Conference. Aerospace and defense professionals from around the world will be attending these conferences. Attendees include both commercial and government representatives.

The 2014 show included the announcement of major contracts for well-known companies like Boeing and Airbus. In all, there were deals announced that were worth more than $32 billion in all. The trade exhibitors at the event reported being very pleased with the event when they were surveyed about their experiences; in fact, 99% of exhibitors said they were satisfied with the event.

The Singapore Airshow also gives a big boost to the local economy. According to the show's website, the 2014 show contributed S$319 million to Singapore's economy, a 25% increase from the 2012 show. One can only imagine that the 2016 show will be an even bigger success.

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