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Meet Leigha Pittard, CEO of Fierce Simplicity, a Designer Swimwear Company

Fierce Simplicity is a luxury women's designer swimwear company that specializes in well-fitting swimsuits, sexy bikinis, and cut out monokinis. Based in Florida, Fierce Simplicity capitalizes on the year-round beach weather and has perfected its craft of unique bathing suits for jet-setting travelers, sun bathers, and pool party attendees.

Our interview below is with Leigha Pittard, CEO of Fierce Simplicity.

1. Would you tell us how Fierce Simplicity Swimwear got its start?

I moved to Miami after graduating, and in February of 2013 I launched my online swimwear boutique, Fierce Simplicity, specializing in women's designer swimwear. Growing up in Massachusetts, I always had a love for the beach but could only truly enjoy it during the three months of summer. Moving to sunny South Florida, I enjoy the beach year round, and this is where I decided to focus my business on luxe swimwear. There is nothing like sunbathing on the beach in a super-cute Brazilian bikini with a cold margarita in hand.

As a fairly new company, Fierce Simplicity has seen much success. We are an internationally recognized swimwear brand with sales in over 35 countries. With the encouragement of my customers and supporters via social media, I realized I had a knack for curating retro swimsuits, sexy bikinis, and unique cut out monokinis from luxury designers around the world such as Pily Q and Maaji and discovering small lesser-known brands with one of a kind designs.

2. How do you choose the designs to feature in your shop?

I have always used social media as a conversational tool to gain honest feedback from our customers and supporters. With the use of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram I found that the swimwear market lacks swimsuits for women with large DD cups and bigger chests along with flattering plus-size swimsuits. I also have noted many companies still do not offer bikini sets in mix and match sizes.

When choosing designs to feature on, I look for versatile pieces that are figure flattering for all body types. I make sure our collection is unique, sexy, and classy, and addresses all types of swimwear preferences from micro bikinis and sheer thong swimsuits, to sexy yet modest one piece bathing suits. I also place polls on our Instagram account @fiercesimplicity to gauge our customers' opinions on potential items to add to our store. Most importantly, I look for design and quality in the swimsuits I add. I believe swimwear should be timeless in design, so I select pieces that can be worn for every type of event whether it's a pool party, a honeymoon, or a vacation to an exotic location like Tahiti. I believe all women should feel confident and sexy when they put on a swimsuit whether they prefer a vintage 1950s style high waist bikini or a video vixen cut out monokini.

3. When it comes to choosing swimwear and finding something "just right" for them, many women find the experience a bit challenging. Do you have any advice to share?

Often we see a cute bikini on a friend, and it becomes an instant must-have. This is the wrong approach to finding the right bathing suit, unless you and your friend have a similar body build. Choosing the right swimsuit for your body type is essential to look sexy and feel great in your swimwear. The art of finding the ideal swimsuit is all about enhancing your body's best assets.

  1. The first step is to know your body type (body shape). The four most common are the pear shape (hips wider then your waist and chest); the apple shape (your waist is wider then your hips and equal to your bust); the hour glass (your bust and hips are proportional with a smaller waist); or the straight figure (thin all around with relatively no curves).

  2. The next step is to choose swimwear cuts and styles that accentuate the type of figure you have.

    a. One-piece swimsuits will hide your waist, especially ones win a dark, solid color with shirred paneling. High-waisted bikinis are also a nice alternative. Tankinis are also a classic option.

    b. High-cut bikini bottoms and one-piece swimsuits can make your legs look longer and your torso more fit.

    c. Bandeau tops are great for pear-shaped women as this style makes the bust appear wider and will balance out a figure with wide hips.

    d. Underwire bikinis are a girl's best friend with a large bust size. Thicker strapped bikini tops also offer more support and comfort.

  3. The third step is to also choose colors and fabrics that accentuate your appearance and downplay the areas you are less fond of.

    a. To accentuate a feature you love, choose swimsuits with bright colors or patterns. To hide a feature you do not like, use a solid color.

    b. If you have pale skin, choose black or deep jewel tones such as maroon, navy, and dark purple. For dark skin, bright colors are very flattering.

    c. To make an area look bigger--say, for example, you want to accentuate your bust or hips--add ruffled swimwear pieces. To make an area look smaller, choose a swimsuit with shirred or ruched fabric.

    d. Buying separates will be your best friend.

  4. It is also important to select a swimsuit that matches what you want to use it for. For example, if you are playing volleyball, a crop top bikini or rash guard swimsuit may be the best options as this type of bikini has optimal support without the worry of boob slippage.

Check out the Fierce Simplicity Swimwear Fit Guide to learn exactly how to accentuate your best features and minimize the less flattering ones while in a swimsuit:

4. Along with swimwear, what are some other items you sell?

In addition to luxe bikinis and unique one-piece swimsuits, Fierce Simplicity offers a wide variety of resort wear and beach accessories. You can find Bohemian lace cover-ups, crochet maxi dresses, barefoot sandals perfect for beach weddings, and body and belly chains. I am also working on a nail polish collection to expand the business into cosmetics. Nail polish and bikinis do go hand in hand, after all.

5. What swimwear fashions do you think will be most popular this summer?

For the Summer 2015 swimwear trend, you can expect to see:

  • Strappy bottoms and caged bikini tops
  • Animal print swimwear (the classic leopard print re-imagined)
  • Crop top and sporty bikinis
  • The classic sexy black swimsuit
  • Bralette bikini tops
  • High-waist pin-up bikinis with cut outs.

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Thanks, Leigha!

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