Monday, December 15, 2014

Sustainable Hotels and Australia Venture Capital Holdings Limited

Abel Prasad, partner of Australia Venture Capital Holdings Limited, has announced on behalf of the owners of the company that they will be investing a further $10,000,000 into sustainable hotels.

Known for being a playboy, it's rumoured that his fiancee, Annelise Oriti, a Brisbane-based student, has helped change the path of the company.

Abel Prasad and Annelise Oriti have recently become engaged, and her vegan lifestyle has made an impact on the very private family and their companies.

A source within the company has stated that Abel's mother has become very friendly with Ms. Oriti and in turn is spending millions on changing the direction of the company to ensure that it is green by 2016.

Shareholders are not happy as their profits diminish, but a statement by the company insists that the initial expense will be worthwhile.

This could be the start of a successful company and relationship between Annelise Oriti and Abel Prasad.

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