Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meet Alanna Lin Ramage a.k.a. FASCINOMA, Singer and Songwriter

Alanna Lin Ramage a.k.a. FASCINOMA is an Asian-American (Taiwanese), LA-based (originally from OH), folk-pop, singer / songwriter who will be releasing an ten-track album featuring Beatles classics such as "Something" and "And I Love Her" under the auspices of a project reportedly dictated by an alter-ego named Chairmeowww. She has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help her bring the album to completion (mastering, videos, promotion, etc).

You may also recognize her work from FOX'S animated TV show American Dad which included her song, "I'm Walking This Road Because You Stole My Car (Don't Go)," in the episode, "Choosey Wives Choose Smith" in 2008.

1. As someone who didn't encounter The Beatles' music until you were an adult, how did you respond to it when you first heard it? 

I liked it! Who doesn't like the Beatles? I actually did hear some Beatles growing up. In movies and TV commercials, etc. They just weren't a part of my parents' record collection, because my parents are Taiwanese immigrants... who didn't like the Beatles I guess?

2. What inspired you to do a Beatles cover album, and how did you choose the songs for the album? 

I have an alter-ego named Chairmeowww who suggested it to me as an interesting challenge for me because I didn't grow up in an normal American household (if there is such a thing), and I wasn't that familiar with their music. It was also question of how do you take something that's everyone's and make it your own?

My friends Joey Maramba (who played bass), and Mike Corwin (who played guitar and Wurlitzer on the album), both know me well and sent over CDs with the tracks they thought I should do, and in the end they determined what got recorded for the album. We had a Beatles songbook and some lyric sheets so I could look at the words of some of the songs I had never seen before.

3. Why did you decide on Kickstarter as the means of funding the completion of the album/videos? 

I like the word "Kickstarter" because it brings to mind being kicked in the ass. 

4. As an independent artist, how do you balance a "day job" with finding the time to create music? 

I've changed my concept of time. :) You don't need a lot of time to be inspired every day. It's nice if you have all day, but if you do have to work or make ends meet, you need a creative life (sometimes only a few minutes a day of writing / reading), and people always says this--but a deadline is very important. It can help make things materialize that would otherwise just stay in the ether indefinitely.

5. If you could tell people just three things about yourself to help them get to know you, what would you say? 

1. FASCINOMA is pronounced like "fascinate" and "carcinoma" mixed together.   2. I grew up in Cleveland, OH: the home of rock n’ roll. 3. My favorite book for 2014 was called The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson. If you want to time travel and mind travel, it's an amazing experience.

Thanks, Alanna!

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