Saturday, December 20, 2014

Introducing the Love & Pieces Jewelry Blog

More and more people are enjoying the convenience of buying jewelry online. You can have a boutique experience and find an impressive selection of pieces without leaving the comfort of your couch. If you want to keep up with new jewelry trends and other jewelry-related information, check out the jewelry blog created by Love & Pieces.

Love & Pieces is a curated online jewelry boutique based in Miami Beach and featuring an eclectic collection of pieces, from designer items to bohemian style and more. The site includes items at a variety of price points and has a nice selection of pieces meant for children as well as jewelry for women. The site's founder, Elissa, has an extensive background in fashion and has worked as a buyer for department stores.

The Love & Pieces blog presents useful info on a friendly tone without any sales pressure. A recent post, for example, gives a jewelry shopping guide for men who are looking to buy jewelry for the women in their lives over the holidays, and the post balances photos and links from other sites which depict current trends with links to similar items for sale on Love & Pieces. There's a nice balance between descriptions of products sold on the site and a larger context of jewelry and fashion as a whole.

The blog also includes a regular interview post where you can get to know the "featured designer of the month." I found a lot of info about jewelry trends while looking at back posts. There are some humorous posts, too, such as a Thanksgiving post which highlighted the ugliest Thanksgiving-themed jewelry. I never knew anyone had created earrings in the shape of roasted turkeys, but I learn something every day!

In short, if you like jewelry and want to keep up with current trends, designers, and more, check out the Love & Pieces blog. It's a pleasant read from writers who know their stuff!

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