Saturday, December 27, 2014

Introducing the Short Film, Lost & Found in Dubai

Lost & Found in Dubai is a short film starring Ghassan Al Katheri and directed by Vasilis Billy Blioumis. The film is dedicated to Tim Smythe. In the interview below, both respond to the first question; Ghassan responds to the second; and Billy responds to the last three. For more information about the film, visit its official Facebook page.

1. What inspired the story of the film?

(Ghassan) In Dubai we live with more than 130 different nationalities. It's business city, and people think that the human feelings almost disappear with everyone so busy with his/her work.

(Billy) Dubai itself! :)

2. Where was the film made, and were there any challenges in shooting in the particular location (a park?) where the film takes place?

(Ghassan) For any films, there are challenges, but the biggest challenge we faced is using a phone camera to make the movie with very short notice and with zero budget.

3. I noticed at the end that the film was shot on a Samsung Galaxy Note. Why was the film shot in this way, and is there anything special or different involved in the process of editing a film shot on a smartphone?

(Billy) I was always against making movies with a phone and now... I did it. Mostly, because of the challenge. Yes, they have great features and quality, but I still prefer to make movies in the traditional way

4. How is it working in an international environment and why do we not see many international films from the Emirates?

(Billy) Emirates is a great country. Now why they do not make more films has to do with the fact that there is not really an industry here. I hope this will change but for sure it will not be easy.

5. What have you been doing to promote this film so far, and has it received any screenings?

(Billy) We only screened it up to now in Dubai Film Festival, and personally I have been disappointed. So we have applied to many international film festivals, and we hope that this little film will find some screenings and will be appreciated.

Thanks, Ghassan and Billy!

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