Sunday, December 21, 2014

Introducing New Era Lending

New Era Lending is a private lender provides funding to small and medium sized businesses. Some businesspeople choose to partner with a private lender like this because the process can be much faster than with traditional banks. Have you ever encountered a time-sensitive financial need? Maybe your business has a temporary cash flow issue or needs to replace some equipment ASAP. Well, you can understand the appeal of the faster process. New Era Lending does loans of up to $300,000, sometimes turning the loan around in as short as four hours!

Also, New Era Lending can sometimes fund projects that were denied by banks. The loans are short term, from three to twelve months. New Era Lending isn't a broker, and they work directly with the businesses who are borrowing money. The company headquarters are located in Delaware, and they also have an office in Brooklyn, NY. For more info, they have a lot of details available on their website,

Their website also includes a blog with business tips like how to plan ahead to avoid financial disaster. I found the blog to have interesting resources for coming up with some good ideas to help your business thrive.

In short, if your small business is in a crunch and needs some short-term financial help, New Era Lending could be an option to check out.

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