Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Excerpt from How to Start an Online Business

Have you ever thought about starting an online business, maybe setting up a website where you could sell your own products online? Certatim is a digital agency which works with clients every day who are looking for assistance in building their business ideas. They wrote How to Start an Online Business to offer an accessible, step by step guide for setting up shop online.

The authors describe themselves as follows:

We are two Ecommerce guys who own a software development company based out of Miami Beach. We see tons of entrepreneurs coming to us daily with ideas and decided that they shouldn't be spending thousands of dollars to have an agency build their Ecommerce site. We have written an ebook to help these people start building their new online store whether they are selling their own handmade goods or other peoples products. What used to cost thousands can now be done with some time, a little money, and some hard work.

Check out the excerpt below, and then visit the How to Start an Online Business page to download a free guide and to learn more about the ebook.

Part of effectively planning for success is thinking about your target market. Over the years we have built and released a number of online products without doing the required due diligence or research. We convinced ourselves we had; only to find that our targeted demographic was impossible to reach. When I say demographic I’m referring to your clients or customers. Who do you believe is your customer? What’s their age? What’s their taste? Where can you find them? Where do they frequent on and offline? Do you understand their desires or pain points? Can you relate to these people? Can they relate to you? You need to think through this in detail.

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