Friday, November 7, 2014

Meet Adam Schneider, Certified Sommelier and CEO of Say It On Wine

Adam Schneider is a Certified Sommelier living and working in the heart of Napa Valley. His business, Say It On Wine, offers a unique, personalized, affordable gift for any occasion: any message or image engraved on any wine bottle or glass. Check out the ideas for holiday gifts and other special occasions.

1. How did you come up with the idea for Say It On Wine?

Everyone in Napa walks around with bottles of wine, purchased from cherished wineries, but unless they get shipped home, empty memories are tossed in the recycle bin. Taking note from something I learned working the NY wine market, I saw a need across Napa that was not being addressed. And Say It On Wine was born.

2. How does your engraving process work?

We use a laser engraving system, which allows us to engrave quickly and for a reasonable price. It also give us the ability to add images or logos along with any amount of text that can comfortably fit on the bottle.

3. What is the process for someone who wants to create a one of a kind engraving, with their own text and image?

We suggest customers contact us directly at info@sayitonwine com. Once we get an idea of what a customer is looking for, we will work with them to get the design just right. When they are 100% satisfied, we will charge them and get started right away on their order. Orders are generally delivered or shipped the same day the order is placed.

4. In addition to wine bottles, are there other items you engrave?

While we mainly work on 750ml wine bottles or smaller, we also work on and sell a variety of wine, beer, and specialty glassware. We have also engraved candles, vases, and decanters.

5. What is your advice to other entrepreneurs who are interested in building a business related to the wine industry?

There are a lot of different aspects to the wine business, so everyone from dreamers to investors can find something that they enjoy and are good at. I started in the wine business 15 years ago and had the chance to experience different aspects before deciding on what I wanted to do. Others may not have that liberty, but there are many options.

Thanks, Adam!

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