Sunday, November 30, 2014

Introducing Pursuit of Purpose, a Directory of Life Coaches

Have you wanted to learn more about life coaches? Or are you a coach who is looking for a unique way to connect with potential clients? If so, check out Pursuit of Purpose, a website which offers life coach directory where life coaches share information about their services and products. The site also provides a platform for coaches and prospective customers to interact.

In other words, the idea of the site is to create a place where people who want to work with a coach to help them meet their goals will be able to learn about coaches who might be a good fit for them. As the site says, "It's like matchmaking for your goals."

It's free to create a personal profile to look at the information about different coaches and to interact with them on the site's Q and A page. There's also a paid level of membership for life and/or business coaches.

The intention behind the site is to offer clients an alternative to just looking at advertisements when it comes to finding a coach. Rather than doing extensive online searches, people can simply visit Pursuit of Purpose to find information about many different coaches in one place.

The site is growing, and I think that more and more people will be attracted to it because of its usefulness as a centralized resource, and because of its interactive features. The tone of the site is informative, not ad-based. I'll be interested to watch this site continue to develop over time.

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