Sunday, November 2, 2014

Introducing Owl Time Clock, Time Clock Supplier

When it comes to punching a time clock, there are many different options for business owners to simplify the process of keeping track of their employees' work hours. If you're looking for a time clock supplier, Owl Time Clock is a company which specializes in innovative time clocks, as well as other related products including security access systems.

Owners of small and medium businesses will find a variety of solutions for managing and tracking employee attendance from Owl Time Clock. Some systems rely on swipe cards or time and date stamps (which can also be used to record the time and date on other documents).

Other systems utilize technology to avoid common problems such as "buddy punching," where employees clock in for each other. Biometric hand punches can be used for up to 500 employees and measure the size and shape of employees' hands, matching their hands to the templates stored in the system for each employee. Businesses with up to 250 employees can utilize facial recognition technology, where employees clock in with a touchless face scan.

These are just a few examples of the products offered by Owl Time Clock. Companies with employees at remote work sites will find wireless work clock solutions. And businesses with existing time clocks will find all the supplies they need. Owl also stocks synchronized wall clocks and dependable security systems. Check out their website for a lot more information.

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