Thursday, November 20, 2014

Introducing ChronoStore, An Online Watch Retailer Based in New York

A leading online retailer for watches and jewelry, ChronoStore is based in Manhattan, New York. The jewelers at ChronoStore have decades of experience in customizing and selling watches, and they also offer a full-service repair center. Whether you're looking for a watch that will last many years, or you're wanting to restore a watch by having it professionally repaired, ChronoStore is a great resource to check out. They also sell a large collection of professionally inspected preowned watches. Learn more about Chronostore's services by clicking here.

1. How and when did Chronostore get started?

We first started selling jewelry in 1992, with only two employees. In 2000, we added watches to our inventory, and our business grew from there. Now we have over eleven employees, from salespeople to photographers to website administrators--and of course, several watchmakers.

2. What services do you offer for online customers?

We strive to offer competitive pricing and a solid return policy. We have low prices every day, including a special deal of the day that gives customers even more of a discount on our already discounted prices.

We have a 100% 14-day hassle free return policy, with no restocking fee for returned merchandise.

To meet our customers' needs when it comes to quality, selection, and pricing, we sell a variety of preowned watches. We also sell customized watches, which can include custom diamonds on face of the watches and/or the bands. We work with customers to create a unique watch by customizing dials and bands in many different ways.

3. What are some of the benefits for customers when it comes to choosing preowned watches instead of brand new ones?

All of the preowned watches we sell have been professionally inspected, so customers know they are getting a product that works well and isn't a cheap knock-off. Our watches are 100% authenticity guaranteed. With a preowned watch, you can get an expensive, high-quality watch for a fraction of the price.

4. When it comes to buying a watch for someone else as a gift, what are some tips you would offer?

Be sure to keep the receipt for 14 days, giving the recipient time to decide if they might need to return the watch for any reason. You should also keep the box and all the papers or manuals that came with the purchase. If any of items that came bundled with the item are missing, it makes it difficult for the item to be resold. Although there is no restocking fee, if you have to return an item and are missing any of the packaging, etc, ChronoStore will charge for the missing part which is usually more expensive because it's very hard to replace.

5. What are some good criteria for deciding when it's wise to have a watch repaired and when it might be time to buy a new watch?

We find that generally people buy a new watch because they want to own something new or stylish.

On the other hand, many people have a much-loved watch that they've owned for many years--or they might inherit a watch from a family member. Please bear in mind that all watches are repairable. Although watches can't always be repaired with their original parts, their parts can be replaced with after market parts which last the same amount of time--if not longer. In fact, after market parts sometimes function better than the original ones. When it comes to having a watch repaired, the labor and the parts are also very affordable.

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