Friday, November 28, 2014


Are you thinking about buying foosball table for yourself or maybe your spouse, kids, grandkids, other relatives, or friends? They are a pretty cool gift idea. If you have extra space in your basement or garage, well, it's hard to resist a foosball table. There's a new website,, which offers a rundown of useful information about the models of foosball tables available and how to get good deals on them by buying on eBay.

For example, did you know that there's a big variation in quality and price when it comes to foosball tables? On the less expensive end, you can find tables made of pressboard. Then there are more expensive models that are made from solid wood.

This website has a particular emphasis on a brand of table called KICK, and they look really nice. The components are made in the USA of high-quality materials. And the founder of KICK is a foosball player himself who brings his own interest, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the products the company produces.

Whether it's for recreational or competitive play, you can pick up some ideas on buying a foosball table on this new site.

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