Sunday, October 19, 2014

Introducing Sean Fargo's Blog

If you're interested in Buddhism and meditation practice, check out Sean Fargo's website. Sean is a former executive who left his career to spend two years becoming ordained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand. Today, Sean facilitates mindfulness classes at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and other locations, reaching out to a wide variety of people, from teenagers to men in prison.

His blog offers his reflections on various teachings--this can the form of book reviews, commentary on Buddhist talks, and more. There are guided meditations and other tools that allow the reader to engage in personal reflection. In short, there's a gentle emphasis on insight and mindful living.

You'll find a lot of audio and video content throughout Sean's posts. The video below is an example of the videos he frequently includes on his personal site.

Sean is dedicated to offering resources for people to find space to pause and reflect in their lives, and he has another site called where he shares secular mindfulness exercises. His work online is a great example of how websites can be a resource for connection and meaningful exchanges.

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