Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Introducing NewFreeBooks

NewFreeBooks is a document sharing site where users upload free PDF files to share with other visitors to the site. In addition to accepting user uploads, NewFreeBooks also crawls the web to find free PDFs to add to their collection as well. The people behind the site filter the information on their site to exclude advertising-based content.

I noticed that the site is heavy on nonfiction content, and it's useful if you want to find some how-to books on various topics. For example, if you were asking yourself "What is bikram yoga?" and wanted to learn more about some of the postures, you might be interested in this book uploaded to the site:

Or say you wanted to find a free book to give you some piano lessons? Look no further than:

You can find books on travel, business, website design, learning foreign languages. There are biographies available, too.

If you love to read books in PDF format, check out NewFreeBooks to find some interesting content to explore.

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