Saturday, October 4, 2014

Introducing HealthZoned, a Health and Fitness Blog

HealthZoned is a new blog with a focus on health and fitness. The articles have a conversational and informed tone. You'll find information on a variety of subjects--for example, I enjoyed a recent post about the nutritional benefits of eating dried dates.

I like that the site has very specific information about topics you might not find elsewhere. There's a whole series of articles on the health benefits of specific foods such as asparagus, arugula, and edamame. I love nutrition info, so that was what drew me to the site, but there are articles on fitness, too, on topics like how to naturally build muscle mass. HealthZoned also distinguishes itself by having an entire section about oral health.

I asked the site's founder, Paul, about his goals for the site, and he said, "I plan to make a trustworthy source of health information, and as time goes on, I want to make it into a big community with common interests." As he takes time to build up the community around the site, Paul described his plans as follows: "I will focus on writing the things that mostly interest me and what I consider to be essential for every person to know in life about the topics of health, fitness, and general nutrition."

I'll be interested to see how HealthZoned grows over time!

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