Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Blog on Moving and Self Storage from the DC Metro Area

Georgetown Moving and Storage Company is based in Arlington, Virgina and offers help with moving and self-storage needs. The company has a blog with information on topics related to moving and storage.

Many of the posts on the blog relate to interstate and long-distance moving. Georgetown Moving offers these services, and the posts give details about moves between specific states, such as moving from Florida to the Washington, DC / Virginia area. There are also posts about moving from the DC area to other states--for example, one post focuses on moving from DC to Wisconsin.

I think the specifics of the posts are helpful in terms of offering information and reassurance to people planning their own state-to-state moves.

There are other posts on moving and storage topics such as how self-storage works and how to plan for a large move. Again, I like that the posts get very specific--for example, there's a post with lots of details on how to move a pool table.

The site is especially useful for people moving to and from the DC metro area, but as you search or scroll through the blog, you can find other tidbits, too, to make any move a little (or a lot!) smoother.

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  1. it's great to see how much resources there are on the internet about moving and self storage. These days the customers are really quite pampered when it comes to making decisions with information so readily available everywhere!