Monday, September 1, 2014

Meet Hugh Rollinson of Accident Claims Web UK

Hugh Rollinson is the owner of the popular Accident Claims Web UK website. His company offers advice to UK residents who have been involved in an accident, have been injured, and need advice on what to do next in terms of claiming personal injury compensation. The website contains a huge amount of accident claims advice, and covers all forms of accident and injury claim.

1. How did you first become interested in working in the personal injury and accident claims industry?

It was straight out of university after studying law. I worked for a number of personal injury claims companies within the UK, but after a few years had that classic entrepreneur moment when I thought I could do it better myself--or at least differently!

2. What can people expect when they call your firm for some free accident claims advice?

As soon as they call us, they will be speaking to an accident claims specialist with years of experience and knowledge in the field, perfectly placed to advise them on their legal rights and next steps in terms of claiming for accident claims compensation.

But... that's just what you would expect of course. Where we like to be different is the level of customer service and the plain-talking ethos of our accident claims call center. All the call center agents are trained to the highest levels, and we will only employ people who have a friendly and understanding attitude. After all, people making an accident claim need re-assurance and understanding when they call up--not cold, business-like "legal speak."

Just so your readers know, we don't just handle cases over the telephone. People can also make accident claims via our website using the online claims form on the homepage of

3. What are the benefits for both your firm and your clients for doing a lot of information-gathering and other preliminary work over the telephone?

This is the only way in which we can qualify an accident claim and make sure that we take the correct next steps for both the clients calling in to us as well as our personal injury solicitors who will be handling the accident claims on our behalf.

Within a couple of minutes we can usually advise someone calling us as to whether or not they are eligible to receive compensation for an accident or personal injury.

4. If someone has an accident and insurance has already covered their health care costs and any vehicle and/or property damage, why would there still be reason to consider filing an accident claim?

Good question... and it's one that we often hear. As a specialist personal injury firm dealing with thousands of accident claims each year, we have the experience and know-how to help our clients claim above and beyond what typical insurance policies cover.

You know what insurance policies are like? Sometimes it can be hard to get the money that you truly deserve. Not only that, but if a client is off work due to injury and is suffering from a loss of earnings, then sometimes they cannot wait for an insurance policy to pay out. Our accident claims team will look to arrange interim up-front compensation payments for our clients so that they can get on with their lives and rehabilitation whilst our solicitors handle the legal side of things.

With most accident claims that we cover involving some form of criminal negligence from a third party, there is scope many times for a prosecution. We try to avoid that at all costs with out of court settlements for compensation.

It's not just about monetary value, though. People making accident claims will often need emotional support and other forms of help for them and their family. We also advise on that and connect our clients up with the appropriate charities and support groups.

5. When it comes to accident claims and personal injury law, what do you most want our readers to know?

I just want to tell them that whilst personal injury and accident claims law can be very complex, that should not be your concern. At the Accident Claims Web we will take all of that hassle and stress away from you so that you can recover from your injuries and spend the time rehabilitating. We work tirelessly in the background to represent you both professionally and to the highest level so that you can be assured of receiving the best accident claims compensation amount possible.

If any of your readers would like to see some proof of our credentials, then there are some current client testimonials at the footer of most of our injury claims pages--you can see an example on our brain injury claims page.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity for the interview, I really do appreciate it. I hope that any of your existing UK readers will now use us in the future if they need any form of accident claims advice. Thank you!

Thanks, Hugh!

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