Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Crochet on Etsy by Michele Whittaker

I posted about California-based Etsy seller Michele Whittaker earlier this summer when she had a special sale on Etsy to celebrate her birthday. I thought I'd follow up with more info about Michele and her creative process--and, of course, her Etsy shop.

Michele makes some really sweet clothing for babies. Not all of us have someone in our lives who can crochet, and having crocheted baby items is always something special. Her baby dresses are charming and unique. She also sells women's tops and purses and a variety of gift items, including pretty designs for Christmas.

What I especially admire about Michele's work is that she creates her own designs rather than working from standard patterns. I asked her about her history with crocheting, and she said that when she was very young, her godmother taught her to crochet. Her godmother also taught her knitting and sewing, but crochet became Michele's clear love. She says, "With just a crochet hook and a some thread, you can create anything, and sometimes I amaze myself when the final product comes out even better that what I expected."

Michele says she likes to just lets the thread guide her as she works. She even does this while choosing colors: "I'll have an idea in my head, and as I keep working, I get inspired to do this or that, and at the end it is completely different from what I had in mind. It goes the same for what color I am going to work on. I'll go in front of my stock of colors, and there will be one that says, 'Pick me.' I know it sounds funny, but this is how it is, and if for some reason I don't pay attention and choose another color, believe it or not whatever I try to do will not work, and I eventually take the color that spoke to me in the first place, and it will work like a charm."

Michele is a master of her craft, and a nice person to work with as well if you have a special project in mind and want to find the perfect crochet artist to create it for you. The video below shows the products Michele makes and sells on Etsy.

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