Saturday, August 9, 2014

Introducing Momvelous, a Fun and Useful Blog

Are you a mom who enjoys reading blogs but doesn't like to get bogged down with long-winded content? Do you want something you can read on your phone during those quick, precious moments when your child is happily occupied? is a site which shares a variety of useful and to-the-point postings about topics such as health, fun activities/projects for kids, learning, food, pregnancy, and more.

The tagline for Momvelous is "life, love, and wisdom from moms," and the site really is centered around that theme. The posts generally have a list-style structure, with titles like, "5 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Toddlers." I found lots of interesting tips while reading the articles, especially the ones on health and nutrition.

What I really like about this blog is its practical focus--and its emphasis on the needs of the blog's readers. While I do enjoy blogs with a very strong individual/personal voice, what I enjoy about this blog is that the editors and writers spend their time on conveying information to readers in the clearest way possible. The blog has a direct and unbiased feel to it. I think it's a good resource to start with when you're thinking about something you might want to improve, from your child's dietary habits to the household products you use.

You can also follow Momvelous on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a growing blog, and I expect it to gain a lot of followers once some of the useful posts on the site go viral!

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