Thursday, August 7, 2014

Introducing Home Learning Journey, a Site for Reviews of Online Marketing Tools

Do you want to learn more about running a business from home? Home Learning Journey is a website focused on "the ABCs of online marketing." If you're researching different online tools and systems that are being sold to people who want to make money from home, you definitely want to do your research, which means reading up on a variety of websites about the products you're considering for purchase. The idea of Home Learning Journey is to offer a series of reviews to share information about different products.

The reviews break down the aspects of the different programs, tools, and resources by looking at the various elements that each product covers. The reviews focus on telling you just what you're getting for the cost of the tool. You can tell that the reviews are written by people who already have knowledge of and interest in online marketing.

As an example of the site's content, check out the Inbox Blueprint review, which looks at Inbox Blueprint 2.0, a software/training package meant to help people use email marketing effectively when starting a business online. The review shows a first-hand understanding of email marketing. My reading of the review is that if you're looking for the slow dime rather than the fast nickel, you will appreciate Inbox Blueprint because rather than trying to get just 1 or 2% of people to quickly buy something, you instead want to get a larger percentage of people to sign up for your email list, and then you wait until you have a large number of subscribers to make a sales offer.

Home Learning Journey is an interesting site for anyone with an interest in online marketing. It's a good way to learn about strategies for marketing and to find out about some of the products and tools out there today.

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