Thursday, August 14, 2014

Introducing Goodbye Monsters, a Children's Book and Toy

Kids scared. Monsters under the Bed. Sleepless nights. These are all phrases Msgt. Benjamin Hemme heard from his fellow Airmen whose significant others were struggling to maintain normalcy at home while they were deployed. While we tend to think often about the men and women fighting for our freedom, the struggles that loved ones at home, especially children, encounter sometimes get overlooked. This was quite evident by the number of children who were experiencing more bedtime fear than usual with Mommy or Daddy deployed. Recognizing a need to support fellow men and women in uniform and children everywhere who suffer from bedtime fear, Goodbye Monsters was born!

Goodbye Monsters is the story of a little boy named Ben who is terrified of monsters. One day Ben is introduced to a magical creature named Zimbobo who has supernatural powers that keep all of the bad monsters away. All you have to do is place Zimbobo in the scariest place, and you will wake up safe and sound with a smile on your face! Its creators recommend placing Zimbobo under the bed or in the closet, but you know best where the monsters are hiding!

Goodbye Monsters (ISBN 978-0-615-99704-9) was written by Benjamin & Susan Hemme. It is a hardcover 8.5” x 11” children's book with a plush toy named Zimbobo that measures approx 9" in height and 6" in width. For more information please visit

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