Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Meet Rachel Maurice, Co-Author of the Spunky Twins

Co-authors and sisters Rachel and Esther Maurice are releasing the first in their Spunky Twins book series, exclusively for Amazon Kindle on August 1, 2014. The children's book and its corresponding songs focus on 10-year-old twins Kris and Kate Spunky and their best pal Lelia Cutie.

Our interview below is with Rachel.

1. How did you first get the idea for the Spunky Twins?

The idea for Spunky Twins was originally created for my sister Esther and I. We were one day inspired by our two nieces in 2005 who called us "Spunky." That word quickened in us, and the idea for a book happened instantaneously. However, due to life events, the book idea was shelved until we began working on it again in 2011. The new inspiration then came through my three daughters who model the characters.

2. Why was it important to combine books and music in creating the twins?

Since Esther and I were modeling the book after us and my children, it seemed natural to incorporate our primary common like which is music. In addition, most children enjoy the sounds of good music which was a major decision to incorporate a theme song for the characters as well in every story. Each of the characters is musically inclined. Kris plays the guitar, Leila sings, and Katie plays the drums. Together they write and play music.

3. What do you see as your goal when it comes to sharing your work with children and parents? < Our goal is to bring laughter as well as a positive message which each story will provide as the series progresses. In addition, there are very few well-known all-female bands. These characters break the glass ceiling to empower young and old children from a very young age confirming that nothing is off limits--not even a rock band.

4. How do you imagine the series growing over the next few years?

We are looking forward to a favorable outcome in reaching children not only in America but in other countries as well. Since the characters are very lifelike, we imagine that many children will be able to identify with their experiences, message, and personalities. This should happen fairly quickly as they read and feel a connection with the story.

5. What is your advice to aspiring children's book authors?

My advice is to be consistent and to think big. Your story may be the same as the stories of one thousand other authors, but your perspective and vision is one in a million. Be encouraged and do it anyway.

Thanks, Rachel!

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