Sunday, July 27, 2014

Meet Nikki Hines, Owner of Shoeduce Me, An Online Shoe and Accessory Shop

Shoeduce Me is an online shoes and accessory boutique that finds the latest and hottest shoe trends in order to share them with an audience of style-minded women everywhere. The site was built from love and dedication for shoes of all sorts, along with a desire to bring Shoeduce Me's audience, better known as "Shoeducers," the latest and hottest in style and fashion. Shoeducers are lovers of shoes and style with an eye for design, color, high heeled shoe fashion, and the overall seductiveness heels can give to women all over the world. Shoeducers are confident, classy, sexy, and comfortable in their own skin no matter their size, shape, or color and have a passion for fashion. Shoeduce Me is delighted and dedicated to selling their Shoeducers the trendiest and most fashionable must-have shoes, clutches, and accessories to add to their collection.

Our interview is with the owner of Shoeduce Me, Nikki Hines. Visit for the latest shoes and accessories, and follow Shoeduce Me on Facebook as well as Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

1. What inspired the creation of Shoeduce Me?

I wanted to create something with appeal, sexiness, style, and confidence with affordable prices. Fashion shouldn't be expensive to look good in it. Shoeduce Me was inspired by my love for shoes and shiny new things, how they are designed, how they look on me, and how they make me feel when I wear them, including my accessories.

2. Why are shoes such a key piece of any woman's wardrobe?

Shoes or heels to a woman are key. True "shoeducers" will eat one meal a day for seven days to get those one pair of shoes they saw online or in a magazine. Shoes represent a piece of a woman's fashion personality. It reveals our level of confidence and sexiness.

3. How do you decide which shoes to feature on your site?

Now, that's hard for me because I want to feature every shoe I would wear or stash in my closet. But it's really about having variety for different women whether sexy, reserved, or the very relaxed in flats woman. I try to cater to all women who also enjoy great style and as well as options.

4. Why are black shoes such a perennial favorite when it comes to shoes?

Just as a man should have at least one good looking suit in his closet, I truly believe women have a similar rule that should apply. Women should have at least one good pair of black heels in hers. Fashion wise, I believe it's important for all women to have them and not just a heel she wears to work but an all-around heel. Black heels go with everything, a heel for any occasion or fit whether with an evening gown, dress, or jeans.

5. In addition to shoes, what accessories do you consider to be important in building a striking wardrobe?

Mandy, I can remember my mother coming home from shopping one day and having this kind of blah outfit she purchased on clearance. But man, when she threw her accessories on I barely noticed the look from the bag. That same blah clearance item was like a must-have. I wanted her entire look from head to toe. It wasn't overpowering but accessorized simply enough that it made a difference. Fashion shouldn't be expensive, but you can look like a million bucks with the right accessories and place to shop for them. My biggest advice is to accessorize smart. Sometimes simplicity can also go a long way. Be creative, have fun, add color, make your look pop, but don't overkill. :)

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