Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Introducing My Fashion HQ

Did you know that I have another blog where I write about online selling on sites like eBay? I recently posted on that blog about My Fashion HQ, an auction website focusing on fashion, jewelry, and more.

My Fashion HQ entices buyers with no reserve auctions and affordable, often wholesale prices. Shoppers can keep up with fashion trends not only in clothing but also in accessories. The site has scarves, purses, and a big selection of jewelry. I noticed a particular emphasis on gemstone jewelry.

If you're interested in fashion and looking to explore a new marketplace as a buyer and/or as a seller, My Fashion HQ is part of an established network of websites with a screening process for sellers. It feels like a large marketplace at the same time that it feels like a small, trusted business--and I think this is a hard combo to pull off!

I'll be watching the site to see how it grows. Check out to see more for yourself.

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